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WorkDash About Us

About Us

WorkDash was founded in November 2016 by two guys from Brisbane, Darren and Mike. Both Darren and Mike came from different backgrounds but their vision was the same. Both were craving an integrated platform to suit and satisfy the needs of their clients. For many years they both had worked with various platforms and software systems. Most of which were not  suitable or compatible with current business requirements.   However, with this valuable knowledge, they set out to build a system for the needs of service based businesses which had been identified over many years. This was a result of looking under the bonnet of various business operating systems and processes.   WorkDash is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business management platform designed to solve the complex problems of everyday business operation. WorkDash also offers professional services to complement our software offerings, providing a truly one stop shop to a range aof business needs.   Coming from different viewpoints of business operations and ICT integration, the goals were the same. Build a product that incorporates all elements of business processes, is adaptable to almost any business and make it easy to use. We believe we have a product that will transform any business and will revolutionise elements of business through modular based products packed with features and benefits at an affordable price.   WorkDash consists of several modules

1. Form Builder – Data Collection Tool

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

3. Job Management

4. Human Resources

5. Compliance – WHS, Environment, Quality

Why Businesses Choose Us

WorkDash About Us


Our team has diverse experience across various industries with exposure to a multitude of technologies and operating systems.

About Us - WorkDash


With many years’ experience within their fields of expertise, our team of professionals will help improve your business across all facets. Our team has a can-do attitude!

About Us - WorkDash


WorkDash has a record of success throughout the delivery of products and services to all our clients. We have a proven track record of delivering on time and on budget!

WorkDash - About Us - Fair Price Guarantee

Fair Fees

WorkDash works closely with its clients, providing a price range that is flexible, fair, affordable and attainable for any business. This is what makes our fees so unique!

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Mostly your business runs perfectly: your employees do their jobs, your customers buy from you, and you stay ahead of the competition.
But every once in a while, something changes just enough so that the things you’ve always done are no longer working. Employees become less productive, sales decrease and your competitors cut their prices in order to attract your customers. How do you regain clarity, focus and direction when you feel like you’re no longer in control? Or perhaps things are going well. Your company is growing quickly, and with that growth come challenges.

We provide businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive set of tailored solutions that meet their needs.

We Offer a Range of

Business Products and Services

WorkDash Products and Services
WorkDash Business Software

WorkDash Business Management Software is deceptively simple and intuitive. Automate your business processes with our tailored WorkDash packages. Book your WorkDash demonstration today.

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Our Products and Services - WorkDash
& Hardware

We supply a range of ICT software and hardware products to suit any client needs. From small offices to multi site networks, we have you covered.

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WorkDash products and services - graphic design
Print & Media

WorkDash supplies a range of print and media solutions at competitive prices. Furthermore we secure all your print and media files. You can access these through your online customer portal anywhere, anytime.

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Products and services - WorkDash
Business Network

We specialise in assisting business networks for the mutual benefit of all parties. Running a business is hard enough without having to consistently find good reliable suppliers.

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Consulting - Products and Services

Tailored business management consulting solutions are available to assist clients across various aspects of their business. From strategy to implementation, find out how we can help you better manage your business.

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ICT Consulting WorkDash

Many businesses today outsource various ICT services due to the specialised and technical requirements. We offer a range of ICT consulting services that can help you manage and improve your business needs.

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Business Development - Products and Services

We help our clients discover and take advantage of viable business opportunities out there - from cold calls to business networks and tender opportunities, we have the experience to assist you throughout the whole process…

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WorkDash Risk & Compliance
Risk &

WorkDash has a team of experienced risk and compliance professionals who can work with our clients, identifying business risks and implementing systems to ensure your legislative obligations are complied with…

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Read What our Clients

Say About us:

Ken Holder - Chief Executive OfficerPickwick Integrated Facilities Services
WorkDash's approach is fresh, innovative and adaptable to any organisation, large or small. Their wide ranging technical knowledge and experience helped transform our company. Their work within Pickwick underpinned and significantly contributed towards our strong growth in the last 5 years.
Julieanne Ransby - Managing DirectorPesky Possum Bird and Pest Control
Over the years WorkDash has been instrumental in transforming my business. We have benefited from a range of WorkDash products and services including IT Support, Print Media Marketing, Business Management, Compliance and Business Development services. In more recent times they have transformed over 25 years in operating our paper-based systems by automating these through their online Business Management System. We have noticed immediate growth in customers and revenue. WorkDash is truly a One Stop Shop when it comes to improvement and efficiency across all facets of your business and recommend them to anyone wanting to improve theirs.
Spiro Fatouros - Services Manager (Contracts and Grounds)Deakin University
Providing assistance in developing site safety risk assessments and specific site training programs were key strengths of Darren. Darren greatly contributed to the support and successful operations to Deakin with his hands on and consultative approach. In addition to these qualities I also found Darren to be very personable.
Mathew Bakos - Managing DirectorJWB Construction
As a company that outsources ICT products and services we rely heavily on the expertise and responsiveness of WorkDash day or night. In addition to this JWB also manages all of its works nationally through WorkDash’s Job Management System. This has greatly helped in facilitating growth and growing our business across Australia. We can now manage our resources and deploy them with ease and efficiency. We recommend WorkDash for anyone needing a professional service and software product to manage their delivery of services to clients.