Queensland Soil Testing

See the WorkDash case study for Queensland Soil Testing.

An Introduction to
Queensland Soil Testing

Queensland Soil Testing (QST) is an established business located within Southeast Queensland that
has been operating for 20 years.
In recent years QST had attempted to automate their business processes and transition to a cloud
based working environment with little success. After engaging another service provider to assist them
with this project, they spent a substantial amount of time and tens of thousands of dollars while failing
and having to start again. In addition to this they also desired a single service provider that could help
them streamline their existing internal systems while providing ongoing IT support to their business.
QST engaged WorkDash to help them achieve their project goals. After initial consultations with
WorkDash, QST was confident in the strategy and approach which was laid out for them to succeed
with their project.

Project Overview

WorkDash was engaged by QST to improve its document management structure and processes. As part of this project QST also wanted to improve its business processes and automate functions within the organisation to streamline its operations and become more efficient.

In addition to this QST had recently had their server hacked and had lost a substantial amount of data which was crucial to historical job data, compliance requirements and any potential legal proceedings.

QST also had attempted to automate business processes spending approximately $50k with another supplier on a failed project that did not consider overall management of documentation and business processes.

To successfully complete the project, a complete review of the current systems and processes was required to establish project requirements.

The Project Scope

WorkDash was the consultant for the following integrated digital approach. Key requirements included
streamlining of current business documentation and automation of existing manual processes.

  • Review of internal systems and processes
  • Documented system restructure
  • Development of a cloud based document management system (SharePoint)
  • Development and configuration of a WorkDash Business Management subscription (SaaS)
  • Automate QST specific processes – scope, develop and deploy
  • Provide secure server and backup that prevents loss of data
  • Provide a IT support through a managed service agreement
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Our Approach

QST has unique processes for managing and completing jobs. In addition to this it also has several software systems that it uses to generate documents and reports. These needed to be clearly established and reviewed to ensure current processes were sufficient and efficient.

Project Management

(Waterfall – approach by establishing project milestones)

WorkDash took a waterfall approach by establishing project milestones in order of priority and which was required in order to continue to the next stage. Jira project management software was used to manage project timelines and milestones for the

Communication & Decision Making

(Lean – establishing processes that improve and streamline communication and decision-making channels)

A lean approach was taken when communicating with QST to enable key decision makers to filter
information and feedback, allowing information to be accurate and specific to project activities.


Project Team Communication



Project Team (Scrum – core development crew will work as a scrum)

Internally the WorkDash team has planned scrum meetings and were led by the project manager to ensure consistency and fluidness across all departments. This maintains consistent communication and ensures objectives and targets are met for all areas of service delivery.

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The Results

The following results were achieved for QST:

  1. Complete streamlining of company documentation which was categorized into the relevant
  2. Structured document management system that was restricted by permissions in SharePoint.
  3. Removed all old documents and eliminated multiple copies of the same document.
  4. Identified improvements within the current business processes
  5. Automated business processes.
  6. Established a complete database and software operating system for management of
    business processes.
  7. Sychronised job folders between WorkDash SaaS, Server and SharePoint

Our Benefits

WorkDash delivering this project resulted in the following benefits to QST.


1 single service provider to deliver and manage their digital footprint, IT systems anddocument management systems, hardware and software


33% cost reduction by using one single supplier to manage and deliver the project


100% cloud-based business operating system resulting in minimal operational impacts to data and related information during Covid-19 pandemic


A complete solution to management of all company data, not just a specific element or
department of the company