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There are over 440,000 searches for pest control each month. How many of these are you getting for your site? If your site is faltering in search engine ranking results then you need to contact us. We are the experts in SEO for pest control businesses. Whether you are starting from scratch or already established, we can boost your pest control website to get more traffic and leads.

Over the years WorkDash has been instrumental in transforming my business. We have benefited from a range of WorkDash products and services including IT Support, Print Media Marketing, Business Management, Compliance and Business Development services.

Julieanne Ransby

Managing Director, Pesky Possum Bird and Pest Control

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How We Can Help?

The digital space for pest control services is fiercely competitive. In order to get your site seen by potential customers it is important to optimise all relevant SEO elements on your site. That’s why we offer a comprehensive SEO service that includes each and every element your site needs to improve ranking positions, traffic and sales. This comprehensive strategy includes on-page SEO, content generation, off-page SEO and user experience. With these elements working together, your site will experience better performance than ever before!

On-Page SEO

We optimise the meta tag elements of your site with high-volume pest control keywords to boost your site's search engine rankings.

Content Generation

Our SEO experts create high-quality pest control content in the form of blogs and infographics. This content both engages your customer base and drives traffic.

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off-page seo

We use your site assets and newly-generated content to create an effecient backlink strategy for your site. This boosts your site's overall performance.

User Experience

Our SEO experts are also experienced web developers who can improve the load speed and user experience of your website.

Our SEO Process

At WorkDash, we offer a unique SEO service for pest control service providers. Our SEO service is designed to take your site from the initial analysis phase all the way through to ranking success! Our attention to detail, pinpoint SEO accuracy, thorough research and next-gen tactics make our SEO service the number one choice for pest control websites.

Our SEO experts develop an SEO strategy tailored to the exact needs and requirements of your website. Using tailored pest control SEO strategies we are able to consistently surpass industry averages from growth in traffic, keywords, leads and ranking performance.

Take a look at a breakdown of our pest control SEO service.

  • Firstly, our SEO experts audit your pest control site to determine your site's current SEO health and SEO errors.

  • Once we have audited your pest control site our SEO experts will create a personalised SEO strategy to improve your site's performance.

  • Next, the WorkDash SEO team work to implement your personalised SEO strategy across all on-page, off-page and technical SEO elements.

  • We constantly measure and analyse the results of our SEO work to drive improvement across all of important metrics for your site.

  • We manage all SEO aspects of your site to maintain your growth and continue to build on your digital footprint.

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