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How Google Algorithm Updates Can Impact Your Site

Thousands of sites all over the world have been reporting significant traffic and ranking drops over the last few weeks. These sites have all been impacted by the recent Google algorithm update. Google updates its algorithm hundreds of times a year, as well as a few major algorithm changes every year. When Google changes the algorithm, it means that sites will be assessed differently. This impacts ranking positions and traffic, which can have a very harmful impact on small businesses. So what can you do if your site has been impacted? How can you prevent your site being impacted in the future? We will be breaking this all down in our latest article.

How To Tell If Your Site Is Impacted

The quickest and most effective way to determine if your site has been affected by a Google algorithm update is to look for a sharp drop-off in traffic or keyword ranking positions. This type of activity won’t occur randomly. If you have made no substantial changes to your site and have noticed a large drop then you have likely been impacted by an algorithm update. You can head to Google’s search blog to check for any recent algorithm updates to make sure.

What To Do If Your Site is Impacted By An Algorithm Update

Once you have confirmed your site has been affected you need to work out what is going wrong for your site. By consulting Google’s search blog you will be able to find what Google is focusing on and optimise your site to best fit the new requirements or guidelines. You can also get in contact with the SEO experts at WorkDash to help restore your site’s SEO performance.

How To Prevent Your Site Being Impacted By Algorithm Updates

The most important factor in preventing future algorithm update impacts is to always stay ahead. This can be difficult for small to medium sized businesses. Finding the hours to stay updated on hundreds of algorithm changes a year and then implementing them can often feel impossible. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all alone.

At WorkDash, we manage many clients’ sites with cutting-edge SEO strategies. Our SEO experts are always looking forward to the future to anticipate upcoming changes to search engine algorithms. This enables us to optimise our clients’ sites for not just the present, but the future as well. This is the key to how we have managed to prevent all of our managed sites from experiencing any dips in traffic or ranking positions throughout the Google algorithm changes over the last few years. In doing so, we are able to provide consistent and unimpeded growth for our clients.

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