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Case Study: specialised Labour Hire

SLH, Specialised Labour Hire, is a labour hire business based in Rockhampton, Queensland. The WorkDash team built a fully responsive website for SLH with superior performance. The website loads in under 2 seconds and came with complete search engine optimisation. In this case study we will break down what the WorkDash web development team did to create the ultimate website for SLH.

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The Key Stats

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The Project: A Modern Service Website

As a new business launching online, SLH were looking for a website to make an instant impact and outperform their competitors. The WorkDash web development team facilitated this request by building a modern website with maximum performance across load times, user experience and conversion focused content.

Site Design

With full control of site design, our web development team created a custom web design that stands out across the labour hire industry.

Content Development

Our development team assisted in the image and content development of the site. We created conversion-focused copy to drive lead generation activity for SLH.

Search Engine Optimisation

At WorkDash, our websites come with full search engine optimisation. We worked to optimise the on-page and technical SEO elements of the SEO site in order for it to outperform competitors in search.

Sleek Mobile Responsiveness

Any modern website looking to perform needs a mobile optimised website. Over 50% of web traffic now comes from mobiles, so our development team needed to ensure the new SLH site was built perfectly for mobile devices.

To do this, we built a separate mobile site which focused on performance and user experience. 

Smart resizing

All content on the SLH site is automatically resized to any device's screen size.

Simple navigation

The SLH site features seamless navigation elements allowing for easy moving on the site.

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tap targeting

Our pinpoint tap targeting integrations satisfy user and search engine experiences.

Max Functionality

The site offers maximum functionality across all device types and operating systems.

The Website's Speed Performance

Speed is an incredibly important element of any modern website. Firstly, it is crucial to the conversion success of your website. Web-users only spend an average of fewer than 4 seconds of your website. This is why sites need to load as fast as possible. Secondly, speed helps to determine your SEO ranking. 

WorkDash websites are always designed with maximum speed. The Specialised Labour Hire website rates at 87% for mobile speed and 97% for desktop speed. That places the website in the top 1% for speed on both mobile and desktop devices!

Mobile Speed Score
Desktop Speed Score

Next-gen features

At WorkDash we build websites for the present and the future. That’s why we included a variety of future-focused features in the SLH website, including next-gen image file formats, AI smart block lazy loading, advanced schema code and more! These features will help SLH to outperform their competitors for years to come.

See The Finished Product

Would you like to check out the finished website product we created for SLH? Click the button below and you will be taken to the live SLH site full of all the features we have covered in this case study.

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