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See the WorkDash case study for Specialised Labour Hire.

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An Introduction to Specialised Labour Hire

Specialised Labour Hire (SLH) is a startup business that was looking to capitilise on its industry associations but did not have the expertise or knowledge on building a brand from the ground up.

WorkDash was engaged by SLH to develop its brand strategy and establish its digital footprint. With some general directives from the client, it was largely up to WorkDash to deliver on all aspects of the project.

SLH wanted to hit the ground running with strong brand awareness, marketing paraphernalia and complete office setup.

Normally this would require several consultants and service providers to achieve this however, this is where WorkDash excels. WorkDash could provide a single solution to fast-track the requirements of SLH and achieve this at a fraction of the cost.

The Project Scope

WorkDash was the consultant for the following integrated digital approach. Key requirements included target marketing of geographical areas and industries.

  • Branding
  • Digital and print design
  • Marketing strategy
  • Office hardware – desktop computers, laptops, PABX, O365
  • Website – design / content / hosting
  • Marketing – SEO / Social Media (including content generation, contact support)
  • Designed and supplied banners, marquees and other promotional items
  • Supplied and delivered a multi-site cloud-based telephony solution with a 1300 number
  • SharePoint intranet setup including subsite branding and permission structure
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Our Approach

WorkDash was contacted by SLH to assist in delivering a quick business startup on a tight budget and timeline. WorkDash took an agile approach to this project.

A lean and agile approach was taken to this project for the following reasons.

For this project the objectives and targets were established and delivered according to priority determined between SLH and WorkDash.

Project Objectives

Our Objectives & Targets

For this project, the objectives and targets were established and delivered according to the priority determined between SLH and WorkDash.

  • Branding of SLH
  • Design and supply of marketing paraphernalia
  • Complete digital marketing strategy
  • Website Design – including ongoing domain registration and hosting
  • Ongoing SEO services including blog writing
  • Social Media content generation and management – Facebook / LinkedIn
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The Results

The following results were achieved for SLH:

  1. Complete branding of company
  2. Establishment of website and commencing marketing services within (3 months)
  3. Started gaining key clients within 3 months of startup
  4. Fully operational regional office within 2 months
  5. Recorded a profit in revenue within 6 months of startup

Our Benefits

Choosing WorkDash provides a number of key benefits to any business and Specialised Labour Hire is no exception.

WorkDash delivering this project resulted in the range of benefits with each far exceeding the expected results and industry averages.

WorkDash developed a next-gen site which ranks in the top 3% for desktop, tablet and mobile speed. The site was built with SEO, performance and user experience foundations to beat out competition with current search engine algorithms as well as the developments in algorithms coming in the next 12-24 months

WorkDash developed a tailored comprehensive SEO strategy including on-page, off-page and technical SEO elements. In developing and implementing this SEO strategy we were able to outperform industry standards in SEO, achieving top ranking across target keywords in just 6 weeks

WD identified the best SM channels and developed a targeted organic posting strategy to engage the target demographics and audiences of SLH. This strategy enabled us to drive traffic to the SLH website while building on SLH's branding and digital footprint

1 single service provider to deliver and manage their marketing, digital footprint, IT and communication (telephony) systems.

40% reduction in time taken to deliver the project to successful completion. Project was delivered in 3 months – Industry Average: 5 months

33% cost reduction by using one single supplier to manage and deliver the project