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Why Social Media Matters For Your Business

Social media has become an integral part of any modern day business, helping you to connect with customers, build and sustain consumer trust and expand your customer base. At WorkDash, we help our clients to build strong and successful social media strategies that help them to achieve their business goals. Let’s take a look at why social media matters for your business and why you need to use social media and its many benefits.

Connect Directly With Your Customers

Traditional marketing and advertising was always very distant. Whether it is an ad in a newspaper or a television commercial, traditional marketing doesn’t allow for establishing a connection with your target audience. Instead, this form of marketing simply communicates a one-way message. Social media revolutionised this form of marketing. With social media, you can communicate directly with your customers and your target audience. This provides a number of great benefits, including real-time feedback, brand awareness and a greater sense of brand loyalty.

Establish Trust With Potential Customers

Trust is one of the most important decision making factors when consumers are making a purchase decision. If your potential customers don’t trust your business, they won’t convert for you. So how do you establish trust with your potential customers before they have even contacted you or made a purchase? In the past, consumers would turn to physical directories or word of mouth. Now, consumers rely almost entirely on social media to assess your brand. In fact, over half of Australians won’t trust your business if they can’t find or interact with it on social media. The number is as high as 60% in females aged between 18 and 39. Simply put, social media isn’t just the most effective way to build consumer trust, it is becoming the only way to do so.

Expand Your Customer Base

All businesses want to explore ways to expand their customer base. Doing this with traditional media can be a little clunky as they reach large but non targeted audiences. With social media, you can introduce your business to thousands of members of your key demographics for just a few dollars. If you are wanting to grow your business there is no better place to start than on social media.

Level Up Your Socials With WorkDash

Whether you haven’t tried social media before or are looking to improve your current social media strategy, the experienced social media marketers at WorkDash are here to help you. We offer a variety of social media services, including content creation, social media account management, profile cleanups, social media advertising and more. We offer a comprehensive social media service that covers absolutely everything you need to take your business to the next level with social media marketing. Click here to get in touch with our social media marketing experts today.

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