Business Management Consulting | Benefits of Using a Management Consultant in Small Business

Benefits of Using a Management Consultant in Small Business

What Is a Business Management Consultant?

Business Management Consultants specialise in providing strategic advice to improve the financial and operational health of their clients’ organisations. They may also help organisations to develop specialist skills that they may be lacking. They achieve this by identifying and solving complex business, organisational and operational problems and define and improve processes.

Why do I Need a Business Management Consultant?

There are many benefits to having a professional business consultant by your side. Whether you are a startup with a great idea or an existing business with stable customers and turnover, there are always lessons to be learned and improvements to be made.

Providing Business Management Consulting services to hundreds of small businesses over the years, WorkDash finds fundamental reoccurring behaviors that can lead to the ultimate failure of the business. Below we focus on 3 reasons why you need a business management consultant to help you with your business.

Business Systems and Structure

Upon startup, many small business owners start with a business plan and drive to make their dream come true. While business plans are a key piece in the puzzle, considering, planning, and implementing everything correctly is very rarely achieved. Some parts are even overlooked as irrelevant at first, or something that can be sorted out later.

As time goes on and the focus of the business is on operations and growth, these areas continue to be neglected and, in many cases, can start to have a detrimental impact on the business. 

Engaging a Business Management Consultant will help you quickly identify these issues and direct you in how to develop and implement business systems and structure that are suitable for your business.

Finding Your Market

The best ideas and products can sometimes fail miserably. We are very surprised at how many small businesses we see that have no marketing strategy or budget in place. Unless your business grows 100% on word of mouth or you have that one customer that is 80% or more of your business, you will soon find your business struggling to grow.

Marketing strategies only need to be as complex as you want them to be. Engaging a Business Management Consultant who specialises in product marketing can achieve quick results.

With WorkDash Business Management Consulting we help you with the following simple steps.

1. Know your customers

2. Know your competitors

3. Understand how your customers find you

4. Set a budget and engage a marketing specialist like WorkDash to make it happen

As a business owner you don’t have to have all the answers. At WorkDash our Business Management Consultants can work with our marketing team to establish your marketing strategy. They can manage many of your marketing needs while you remain focused on the business.

Understand Your Finances

Our Business Management Consultants teach you how to review and manage your business finances properly, which is vital to a healthy business and successful growth. Our Business Management Consultants find that small businesses are usually so busy working in the business, it is sometimes hard to find time to review and understand your business finances. Not only have we seen businesses almost go bankrupt, but we have also seen businesses that have been ripped off by employees and contractors through stolen money, jobs and goods. In one instance we saw an employee steal in the vicinity of $130,000.00 from a small business. Don’t be one of them.

The first tip is to create account codes that are aligned with your cost of goods sold and your revenue stream(s). By doing this you will be able to easily establish your operating expenses and profit within all areas of your business.

The second tip is to periodically (suggested quarterly) review your current financial position by working through each account code and reviewing where costs can be saved and where revenue can be increased. This will also allow you to adjust your business as required rather than waiting until the end of the financial year to understand your finances and adjust, which can be too late.

At WorkDash our Business Management Consulting services take a hands-on approach. By doing so our Business Management Consultants get a good grasp on your business by identifying strengths and weaknesses. This enables us to streamline your processes and maximise efficiencies while making your business more profitable.

Depending on your business requirements we can tailor our Business Management Services specifically to your needs and budget.

Contact us to book in your first free consultation.

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