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SEO 101: Understanding Robots.txt

There are many different elements of a website that are important to the modern SEO strategy, and each one needs to be optimised to achieve the best ranking results. One of these elements that you need to be aware of is the robots.txt file. What is the robots.txt file? Why is it a crucial part of your SEO strategy? The WorkDash team will be taking you through everything you need to know in this edition of SEO 101.


What Is A Robots.Txt File?

A robots.txt file is an element of a website designed to communicate directly with crawler bots. These are bots that are designed by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to crawl websites to determine how they should be indexed in search engines. Robots.txt files work to specify which pages on a site should be indexed, or ‘shown’, in search engine ranking results and which pages should not be indexed. Why is this important? There are some pages on your website which should not be indexed in search engine ranking results, like login pages. Also, robots.txt files show search engine crawler bots what pages should be indexed and how to find these pages by locating your sitemap.xml URL. As you can see, a robots.txt file is an incredibly important element of any website.


Why Is Robots.Txt Important For SEO?

Without an optimised robots.txt file your site will be unable to communicate crucial information to search engine crawler bots, leaving it up to chance whether the bots will index your site and find your keywords. This results in reduced keyword rankings and overall search engine performance, which means lower traffic and leads for your site! 

Setting up an optimised robots.txt file will ensure the following:

  • Your site will be correctly indexed by search engines
  • Login and related pages will not be indexed
  • Your site will rank better for target keywords

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