Secure Your .AU Domain & Protect Your Business

Secure Your .AU Domain & Protect Your Business

auDA, Australia’s official domain registry, has launched the new .AU domains. Previously, websites could only register 3rd level domains such as: “” or “”. With this latest launch from auDA, you can now drop the “.com” and create a simpler and sharper domain with just “.AU.”. This is great news for businesses looking to simplify their URL, but did you know that this can also cause some potential problems for your business if you don’t claim your .AU domain? In this post, WorkDash will be breaking down why you should secure your .AU domain and how you can do it.

Are You Eligible For The New .AU Domain?

Australian businesses now have the chance to register a brand new .au domain. To be eligible you must have an “Australian presence”. That basically means if you already have an .au extension associated with a domain, you will have preference when registering the new .au extension associated with that domain. For example, if you already have “” or “”, you will have preference for “”.

Any existing domain names registered prior to the launch date (March 2022) will be reserved from being registered as .au names for 6 months – known as the Priority Allocation period. During this period, only the existing registrants of reserved names will be able to apply for the equivalent .au.

Why You Need To Secure Your .AU Domain Now

Even if you don’t plan on using the .AU domain, it is still very important to make sure you have it secured. Up until September 20th, 2022, you will be able to secure your .AU domain equivalent if you are an existing registrant. However, after this date the domain will become available to anyone who wants to purchase it. This means your competitors could purchase the new .AU domain and compete directly with your site and confuse your customers. But more disturbing for business owners is the fact they could face an increased risk to their business in cyber crime amid these changes to Australian internet domains. Your .AU domain equivalent could be purchased and used in phishing schemes and cyber crimes, leaving you to deal with the consequences.

If you want to avoid potential domain conflicts with competitors, confusing your customer base and exposing your business to increased risk of cyber crime then it is important for you to secure your new .AU domain before September 20th.

How To Secure Your .AU Domain

Don’t wait for your competitors to snap up your .AU domain! WorkDash can help you to secure your .AU domain before you lose it. If you’re time poor and need assistance, WorkDash can do this on your behalf. Simply fill out our .au request form here.

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