Service Breakdown: Our Innovative SEO Service

Service Breakdown: Our Innovative SEO Service

Over the last 10 years SEO has become one of the most important buzzwords in the digital business sphere. Why? This is because SEO is the difference between success and failure in the modern digital world. With SEO, your site will appear proudly at the top of search engine ranking results for all of your target demographics. Without it, your site will be relegated to the bottom pages of search, attracting no views or active traffic.

At WorkDash, we offer a next-generation innovative SEO service designed not only for now but also for the future. Our strategies work to boost your site ahead of the competition, helping you to dominate the search space and increase your leads, sales and profits. What makes our SEO service the best in Australia? Our SEO team is sharing how we work to take your website to the next level.

Thorough Site Analysis

Before getting started on your site it is important to know where your site stands. Our SEO team performs a thorough SEO analysis of your site to determine the current health related to keyword rankings, meta tags, backlinks, page speed and all other relevant elements. By working out your site’s existing SEO health we can create the perfect tailored SEO strategy to boost your site up the ranking positions. 

Intensive Keyword Research

One of the most important steps of our SEO approach is our intensive keyword research. Your customers use certain search terms in search engines when looking for your services or products. At WorkDash, we conduct detailed keyword research to find out exactly what these are, allowing us to optimise your site for these exact keywords and keyphrases. 

Meta Tag Optimisation

Every website has meta tags which are designed to communicate information about the site or page to search engine crawler bots. These elements need to be optimised to achieve high rankings in search results. Our SEO service includes optimisation of all of these elements, including page titles, meta descriptions, image alt text and header tags.

Targeted Content Generation

Generating SEO rich content is crucial to a successful SEO strategy and a high ranking website. Our SEO experts create targeted content for your site including blogs and in-page content. This content is generated with high search volume keywords to improve your site’s search engine rankings.

Improved Page Experience

Page experience has become an increasingly important element of a site’s SEO assessment. This includes page speed, responsiveness across devices and the overall experience of users when interacting with the site. At WorkDash, our SEO team is experienced in web development, enabling them to provide high quality page experience improvements for our client’s websites.

Enhanced Bot Communication

It is important that all of the above work is communicated efficiently to search engine crawler bots so that your site can experience the benefits of targeted SEO work. Our SEO team work on your site’s robots.txt and schema code to make sure your site communicates the right information to search engine crawler bots.

Boost Your Website With WorkDash

Are you sick and tired of your website not showing up to your potential customers in search engine ranking results? It’s time to contact the SEO professionals at WorkDash. We consistently outperform industry standards and achieve outstanding results for our clients. Call us on 1300 963 274 or click here to fill out our online contact form. 

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