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Why a Responsive Website is Important

Websites have long been a major element of the digital strategy for any business. Over 75% of Australian businesses have a website and if you don’t, you are missing out on thousands of potential customers. One of the most important features of a successful modern website is responsiveness. Responsiveness is the capability of your site to automatically adjust to fit any screen size, whether it be mobile, desktop, tablets or monitors. Without full device responsiveness your website will suffer less traffic, lower ranking positions and a subpar user experience. Put simply, responsiveness is key to the success of your website online. At WorkDash, we build fully responsive websites designed to outperform competition long into the future. In this article our web development team will be taking a look at why responsiveness capabilities are crucial to the success of your website.

It Is Crucial For Optimal User Experience

Since 2019, over 50% of search engine actions have been performed on mobile devices. This is a pretty startling statistic for those with websites that don’t work well on mobile and tablet devices, as it means you are immediately ignoring over half of your potential customers! Implementing full device responsiveness in your website is crucial to ensuring that you are providing an optimal user experience for all of your website visitors, whatever device they are using. Would you like to learn more about how WorkDash can help to develop fully responsive websites? Click here to check out our case study on the website we built for Queensland labour hire service company Specialised Labour Hire.

Responsiveness is a Ranking Factor For SEO

We all know how important SEO is to a website. No matter how great your website looks, you need SEO to make sure it is visible to your potential customers. In 2015, Google changed its search engine algorithm to factor in the responsiveness of a website. If the website doesn’t work well on other devices, Google will suppress it in search results. That means if your website isn’t responsive it will forever struggle to bring in traffic and conversions for your business. Don’t let your website suffer in search ranking results, contact WorkDash and take the first step towards a fully responsive website today!

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The experienced web designers and web developers at WorkDash specialise in creating fully responsive websites that look great across all device types, including desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets and monitors. Our web development service is comprehensive, including all of the various elements your site needs to succeed in the competitive online world. A WorkDash website features strong SEO foundations, fast loading speeds, innovative designs, full responsiveness and intuitive functionality. For a website that will blow your competition away, there is no better choice than the team at WorkDash. Click here to get in contact with us today.

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